The device consists of a gel with a moisturizing and lubricating action on vaginal mucosa to be used in case of Vaginal Dryness.

It is a gel applied in the vagina to help protect the vulvo-vaginal mucosa by preventing irritation and microtrauma during sexual intercourse.

The loss of these biomechanical characteristics alters the resistance of the mucous membranes to irritating and infective agents, with the consequent onset of inflammation, aphthae and ulcers



Principle of mode of action or mechanism

The substance is designed to imitate the barrier function and characteristics of natural mucus.


10 Vaginal applicator

Key function elements

The main functional element is the gel based on 1% hyaluronic acid, responsible for the moisturizing action.


1 tube 30 gr with 10 disposable vaginal applicators and leaflet.

Intended Use

Relieves vaginal dryness of various kind and any burning and vaginal itchness this may cause. The gel does not interfere with spermatozoa motility and it is adapt to be used in fertile women.


vaginal Dryness of various kind. Secchezza vaginale di vario tipo.

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