ZYME nasal spray is a medical device that contains a pharma grade lysozyme, which is one of the most powerful natural antimicrobical available naturally in a number of human secretions like mucus, saliva and tears.

Lysozyme attacks peptidoglycans found in the cell wall of bacteria, specially Gram positive bacteria.

Zyme contains isotonic saline (0,9%) which remove and fluidify the mucus in the nasal passage in case of dryness and cold

Saline solutions are a common and effective way to clean nasal congestion in adults and children. But the increase of a sodium chloride concentration decreases the antimicrobial activity of antimicrobial peptides present in sino-nasal secretions.

The effect of nasal saline irrigation has been tested in normal volunteers. The antimicrobial activity of sinonasal secretions decreased by approximately 25% during the first 6 hours after use of isotonic saline nasal spray, to recover at baseline levels only after 24 hours. This corresponds to a decrease of peptide concentrations in the first 6 hours after use of a nasal saline solution .

Change in antimicrobical activity of nasal secretions following nasal irrigations with different formulations. Nasal secretions were collected prior to and at 1 hour, 6 hours, 24 hours after nasal irrigation in normal partecipants . IRR: irrigation; SOLN A: isotonic saline; SOLN B: hypertonic saline; SOLN C: lactated Ringer’s; SOLN D : low salt (from Woods CM et al. Int . Forum Allergy & Rhinology, vol 5 (12), 1104-1110)


Patients are often instructed to irrigate repeatedly during the day, potentially leaving the epithelium with decreased levels of antimicrobial peptides for a prolonged period, providing favourable conditions for microbial colonization of the sinonasal epithelium , especially at an early age.

ZYME is a new advanced SALINE SOLUTION with the addition of LYSOZYME, exactly to avoid these adverse effects of normal saliva solutions .

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